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Online entry now open for British Champs Sat 13 Jan 18
Welsh BASS programme changes Wed 10 Jan 18
Please read the latest bulletin for the Welsh BASS which includes some changes from the original programme.
Anglo-Scottish programme Sat 6 Jan 18
English Alpine - Course Setters and Referees Wed 6 Dec 17
English Alpine - entry now open Fri 1 Dec 17
Provisional 2018 summer calendar Tue 31 Oct 17

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RENEW NOW! Thu 11 Jan 18
If you or your children are intending to compete in ANY competitions over the Winter and you have not yet renewed your registration then please do so NOW!

Waiting until just before the competition causes additional work for race organisers and administrators, can lead to mistakes in calculations, and risks you being placed in the unseeded group at the back of the field if you do not appear on the current seed list.
Helmet policy at Chill Factore Thu 18 Jan 18
Summary of changes to policy for helmet use during competitions at this venue effective from 27/12/2017.

Children aged 2-16: compulsory for all activities.
Adults (17+): compulsory during any form of competition.

It has also been confirmed that the above applies to officials wearing skis within the arena, not just to competitors.
Updated penalty calculator Sun 14 Jan 18
This is the first update of the Penalty Calculator for 2018, to resolve an issue with races that have the required number of finishers but fewer than five with seed points.
Snowsport England Race Manual Sun 14 Jan 18
This is the 10th edition of the Snowsport England Race Manual, containing rules and regulations for events specific to SSE, and details of the new Alpine Race Officials development pathway.
BASS list update Sat 30 Dec 17
BASS list updates Wed 20 Dec 17
Latest edition of British rule books Sat 2 Dec 17

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Ex Pipedown : Les Contamines FRA

Mon 15 Jan     GBR9046 SEN GS Ladies
Mon 15 Jan     GBR8046 SEN GS Men
Tue 16 Jan     GBR9047 SEN GS Ladies
Tue 16 Jan     GBR8047 SEN GS Men
Wed 17 Jan     GBR9048 SEN SL Ladies
Wed 17 Jan     GBR8048 SEN SL Men
Thu 18 Jan     GBR9049 SEN SL Ladies
Thu 18 Jan     GBR8049 SEN SL Men
Fri 19 Jan     GBR9050 SEN DH DH Training 1 Ladies
Fri 19 Jan     GBR8050 SEN DH DH Training 1 Men
Sat 20 Jan     GBR9051 SEN DH DH Training 2 Ladies
Sat 20 Jan     GBR8051 SEN DH DH Training 2 Men
Sun 21 Jan     GBR9052 SEN DH Ladies
Sun 21 Jan     GBR9053 SEN SG Ladies
Sun 21 Jan     GBR8052 SEN DH Men
Sun 21 Jan     GBR8053 SEN SG Men

Ex Spartan Hike : Serre Chevalier FRA

Tue 16 Jan     GBR9054 SEN DH DH Training 1 Ladies
Tue 16 Jan     GBR8054 SEN DH DH Training 1 Men
Wed 17 Jan     GBR9055 SEN DH DH Training 2 Ladies
Wed 17 Jan     GBR8055 SEN DH DH Training 2 Men
Thu 18 Jan     GBR9056 SEN DH Ladies
Thu 18 Jan     GBR8056 SEN DH Men
Fri 19 Jan     GBR9057 SEN SG Ladies
Fri 19 Jan     GBR8057 SEN SG Men
Sat 20 Jan     GBR9058 SEN DH DH Training 1 Ladies
Sat 20 Jan     GBR8058 SEN DH DH Training 1 Men
Sun 21 Jan     GBR9059 SEN DH DH Training 2 Ladies
Sun 21 Jan     GBR8059 SEN DH DH Training 2 Men
Mon 22 Jan     GBR9060 SEN DH Ladies
Mon 22 Jan     GBR8060 SEN DH Men
Tue 23 Jan     GBR9061 SEN SG Ladies
Tue 23 Jan     GBR8061 SEN SG Men

RAF Alpine Championships : Saalbach-Hinterglemm AUT

Fri 19 Jan     GBR9040 JS SL Ladies
Fri 19 Jan     GBR8040 JS SL Men
Sun 21 Jan     GBR9041 JS DH DH Training 1 Ladies
Sun 21 Jan     GBR8041 JS DH DH Training 1 Men
Mon 22 Jan     GBR9042 JS DH DH Training 2 Ladies
Mon 22 Jan     GBR8042 JS DH DH Training 2 Men
Tue 23 Jan     GBR9043 JS DH Ladies
Tue 23 Jan     GBR8043 JS DH Men
Wed 24 Jan     GBR9044 JS SG Ladies
Wed 24 Jan     GBR8044 JS SG Men
Thu 25 Jan     GBR9045 JS GS Ladies
Thu 25 Jan     GBR8045 JS GS Men

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