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ISSSC 2017 Telemark

Venue:Meribel (FRA)
Start Date:30-Jan-17
Duration (days):5
Entry Closing Date:
Entry Fees:
Online Entry:
Type/Calendar:Telemark (GBR Alpine) 2017
Web Site:
Race Secretary:Jamie Davies
Chief of Championships:Brig Jonathan Calder-smith
Chief of Race:Jamie Davies

Events in Competition

Date Type List Category Event Format Gender Codex Description TD MPen/Add  App Pen 
30-Jan-17     GBR BTSS SEN GS STD2 B 9152 PERY Adrian [6024] 44.10 
01-Feb-17     GBR BTSS SEN CL SINGLE B 9153 PERY Adrian [6024] 56.21 
02-Feb-17     GBR BTSS SEN SP STD2 B 9154 PERY Adrian [6024] 52.39 
Date Event Format Gender Codex Description Pen
30-Jan-17     GS STD2 B 9152 44.10 
01-Feb-17     CL SINGLE B 9153 56.21 
02-Feb-17     SP STD2 B 9154 52.39 

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