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SSE Inter-Regional

Venue:Gloucester (ENG)
Start Date:25-Jun-17
Duration (days):1
Entry Closing Date:16-Jun-17
Entry Fees:£105 per team of 7
Online Entry:
Type/Calendar:Alpine (GBR Artificial) 2017
Web Site:
Race Secretary:Leasa Bullock, 07970 597256
Chief of Race:Mike Frith, 07749 204360
Safe-Guarding Officer:Karen Conde, 07725 884043

Events in Competition

Date Type List Category Event Format Gender Codex Description TD MPen/Add  App Pen 
24-Jun-17     GBR UNS GBR SL TEAM B 9258 WILLIS Peter [6021]    
Date Event Format Gender Codex Description Pen
24-Jun-17     SL TEAM B 9258  

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