These forms are branded as 'British' forms, except for those explicitly identified as specific to certain Member Groups. Many are published as both PDF (Adobe) and DOC (Microsoft Word) files, the latter to allow on-screen completion prior to printing / distribution. Most of the Word documents contain 'form' fields to help you fill them in.

Forms 'Packages'

Zipped-up sets of race forms, to save you downloading files one-by-one.

      Title Issue
    All Forms 02-May-2018
    British Forms 02-May-2018
    English Forms 21-Jan-18
    TD Forms 02-May-2018

British Forms - Race Organisation

      Title Issue
    British Athlete's Declaration 14-Sep-10
    British Alpine & Telemark Calendar Application 2016 19-Apr-16
    BASS/FIS Event Medical Assessment Form 29-May-09
    BASS/FIS Event Medical Assessment Example 29-May-09
    BARTS Event Medical Assessment Form 29-May-09
    BARTS Event Medical Assessment Example 29-May-09
  Event Accreditation Form (International) 11-Jan-11
  Event Accreditation Form (UK) 11-Jan-11
  Post-Race Document Checklist (Artificial) 24-Mar-11
  Post-Race Document Checklist (Snow) 11-Jan-11
  Race Official Duty Allocation 11-Jan-11
    Race Timetable Calculator 18-Jul-14
  Perpetual Trophy Acceptance 11-Jan-11

British Forms - On Hill

      Title Issue
  Chief Gate Judge Abstract 25-May-15
  Finish Referee Brief 11-Jan-11
  Finish Referee Report Card 25-May-15
  Gate Judge Brief 11-Apr-17
  Gate Judge Report Card 25-May-15
  Radio Brief 11-Jan-11
  Start Referee Brief 11-Jan-11
  Start Referee Report Card 25-May-15

British Forms - Jury and Meetings

      Title Issue
  Attendance List for TCM (International) 11-Jan-11
  Jury Minutes, No Protest 25-May-15
  Jury Minutes, Protest 25-May-15
  Programme and Minutes (Snow) 11-Jan-11
  Protest 11-Jan-11
  Referees Report (Protocol) 25-May-15
  Team Captains Meeting Checklist (Snow) 11-Jan-11
  Team Mgr Entry Confirmation (International) 11-Jan-11

British Forms - Technical Delegates

      Title Issue
    British TD Expenses Claim Form 01-Mar-2017
    BSS Injury & Incident Report Form 03-Feb-17
    TD Report (Universal) 30-May-17
  GBR Practical Report 02-May-2018
    GBR Practical Report Form Guide 02-May-2018
    GBR Practical Report Guide 02-May-2018

British Forms - Timing and Calculations

      Title Issue
    Generate SkiPro 'FIS' update file from BASS list 27-Jan-14
    Backup Time Calculation 05-Dec-17
  Parallel Slalom Run Sheet 11-Jan-11
  Race Penalty Calculation 20-May-14

British Forms - Homologation

      Title Issue
    Course Description 17-Jun-15
    Homologation Request 28-Jul-15
    Inspection Report 17-Jun-15

Snowsport England

      Title Issue
  Club National Return of Documents 15-Jan-08
  Course Setter Criteria and Application 06-Mar-09
  Equipment Breakage Report 24-Mar-11
  Equipment Handover Report 24-Mar-11
  Feedback to Technical Delegate 03-Jun-09
  Race Entry (Day Registration) 13-Jun-12
  Race Entry (Standard Registered) 15-Jan-08
  Schedule for Race Packs 15-Jan-08
    Template Indoor Club National invitation 21-Jan-18
    Template Outdoor Club National invitation 21-Jan-18
    Child Welfare Documents .