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British Champs day 1

British Champs day 1 (Sat 25 Mar 17)

Start lists for NC & NJC Super-G

Telford CN invitation

Telford CN invitation (Sat 25 Mar 17)

Invitation for Telford CN at Chill Factore

Summer 2017 race calendar v15

Summer 2017 race calendar v15 (Fri 24 Mar 17)

Latest edition of the Summer 2017 race calendar with Race Secretary addresses and various other useful items of information.

More bulletins

More bulletins (Thu 23 Mar 17)

British Children's Champs acceptance, and Manchester Club National invitation.

Artemis BSA ISSC

Artemis BSA ISSC (Wed 22 Mar 17)

Scottish competitions rescheduled

Scottish competitions rescheduled (Fri 17 Mar 17)

Following the postponement of the  Scottish Children's Championships and Bairns' Bucket, the Children's races have been rescheduled for the 22nd and 23rd of April and the Bairns' Bucket for the 22nd April. Entries booked for the previous dates will be valid and, for new entries, the booking system will reopen on Monday 20th of March and close on Friday 14th of April.

Live Timing

Live Timing (Wed 15 Mar 17)

As Live Timing is being introduced at more competitions, changes have been made here on GBSKI to help you access the correct live timing information as easily as possible.

Wherever you see the small live icon, click on it to access the relevant live timing page. This will link either to the FIS timing setup, or to the live timing feed provided by

For a list of the competitions for which live timing is available this season just visit the Live Timing page. For easy access from mobiles and tablets, just visit "".

Updated Penalty Calculator

Updated Penalty Calculator (Wed 15 Mar 17)

Updated version of the Penalty Calculator program to correct an issue with Category Adder.

British Champs acceptance bulletin

British Champs acceptance bulletin (Tue 14 Mar 17)

The Acceptance Bulletin for the 2017 Delancey British Alpine Ski Championships (Senior/Junior) has now been published.

Landgraaf BASS invitation

Landgraaf BASS invitation (Tue 14 Mar 17)

Invitation Bulletin for the Snowsport England BASS race at Landgraaf.

Craig Macfie Award

Craig Macfie Award (Mon 13 Mar 17)

The annual Craig Macfie Foundation Award will be presented at the end of the British Senior Championships in Tignes on 31st March.  Click here for more details. Deadline for nominations 28th March.

Inter-Schools bulletin

Inter-Schools bulletin (Mon 13 Mar 17)

Latest bulletin for the Artemis British Inter School Ski Challenge including acceptance list.

Glenshee cancelled

Glenshee cancelled (Fri 10 Mar 17)

Sadly due to snow conditions the Glenshee Open races have been cancelled. Click here for further information.

Gordons Open cancelled

Gordons Open cancelled (Fri 10 Mar 17)

As I am sure you are aware we are experiencing a serious lack of snow this season.

We have held on as long as we could before making the call in the hope we might get a huge snowfall but the forecast for next week is for mild conditions.

Therefore we have made the call to cancel the Gordon Skiers Open on Saturday 18th which supports the decision made by ASC and GPS to cancel their events on Sunday 19th.

We will get refunds organised for those that had made payment – we hope to have this completed by the start of the week but please bear with us.

BASS list 2017.4

BASS list 2017.4 (Tue 7 Mar 17)

Technical issues with calculation of a small number of SL and GS points have now been resolved and BASS list 2017.4 has been re-published.

Ambition Champs

Ambition Champs (Tue 7 Mar 17)

Updated Ambition Schools Championships invitation.

Scottish Masters postponed

Scottish Masters postponed (Mon 6 Mar 17)

In common with other races in the area, the Scottish Masters competition has had to be postponed. A new date will be posted as and when the snow conditions improve.

Scottish Childrens postponed

Scottish Childrens postponed (Fri 3 Mar 17)

After concerted efforts to try and find a safe and effective way to run the Children's Championships and Bairns Bucket on the 11th and 12th of March I'm afraid we have had to decide on a postponement. The staff at Nevis Range have, as always, been extremely helpful but are of the opinion that the only slope currently with enough snow on it is too narrow, too steep and too difficult to access. This, coupled with the fact that the forecast is for warmer weather, has given us no option but to postpone the championships until a date that will be confirmed as soon as possible. Entry fees will be refunded if the races cannot take place.

CSC Hilton Coylumbridge cancelled

CSC Hilton Coylumbridge cancelled (Mon 20 Feb 17)

Further to the ongoing snow conditions and the snow loss that we have experienced over the last few weeks, I would like to confirm that this year’s race for 2017 is to be unfortunately cancelled.

This is, as I am sure you are aware, is a decision we would not like to have to make, however due to the lack of snow and also having to make the responsible decision for all participants, including based around FIS Regs, also including Health & Safety guidelines, such as a lack of snow depth, snow coverage and Piste conditions, along with giving all entrants enough advance notice, we need to ensure that we make a valued and informed decision that the race is to be cancelled.

Jules Jennings
Race Convenor
Cairngorm Ski Club


Glenshee Open NEW DATE 19/03

Glenshee Open NEW DATE 19/03 (Mon 6 Feb 17)

New date for Glenshee Open is March 19th. Please read the bulletin for more information.

Latest Guide To Helmets published

Latest Guide To Helmets published (Mon 6 Feb 17)

New edition of the 'informal' guide to helmets, including U10/12 age group.

Updated BACR III Seeding Rules

Updated BACR III Seeding Rules (Mon 6 Feb 17)

An updated edition of the rule book for artificial slope seeding, to include a new rule 8.4 covering Category Adders for competitions with restricted entry (currently the University indoor finals and dry slope championships).

Helmets for U10/12

Helmets for U10/12 (Fri 27 Jan 17)

The following statement regarding helmets for racing in the U10/12 age group has been agreed with the Board of BSS:

Ski Racing has inherent dangers, including head injury. FIS and British Rules regulate for U14 and up, stipulating EN1077 Class A helmets should be worn for DH/SG and GS, Class B helmets are permitted for SL.

For the U10/12 age groups all helmets must be EN1077 compliant, must be properly fitting with no protrusions, ridges or visors. No cameras or camera mounts may be fitted, nor any other modifications made and there should be no indications of damage. Chin guards are only permitted for slalom and hats should not be worn under the helmet.

All parents are advised to acquaint themselves with the risks of ski racing and the benefit of proper protective equipment to help them select an appropriate helmet. Noting it is a racers responsibility to ensure their equipment is fit for purpose.

Invitations published for Delancey British Championships

Invitations published for Delancey British Championships (Tue 17 Jan 17)

Invitations for the Delancey British Championships, both Seniors & Juniors and U10/12/14/16, are now available for download.

Updated Race Penalty Calculator

Updated Race Penalty Calculator (Mon 16 Jan 17)

Version 2017.1 corrects an issue with accessing event files produced by early versions of SkiPro.

Register now!

Register now! (Mon 9 Jan 17)

If you or your children are planning to compete in races this season, please ensure that your HN registration is up-to-date otherwise your results may not count for points. If you aren't sure, then by all means check with your HN, but a quick way to check is to go to the Competitors page, and use the search facility there to look for your registration number and/or name. If your Registration Year is not shown as 2017, or you don't appear in the search results at all, then it probably means we don't think you are registered.

We collect registration data from the HN databases (England, Scotland and Wales) at regular intervals but if you leave it until the last minute then there is a chance that your results won't count for points, or that you may be given the wrong seed points when the draw is done for start order.

Auto-generating competition SkiPro files

Auto-generating competition SkiPro files (Fri 30 Dec 16)

To help Chiefs of Calculations with preparation of SkiPro files, a new facility to create the set of event files for a whole competition has been made available.

At the foot of each competition page you will find a button to Export to SkiPro which generates a full set of basic SkiPro event files containing Codex number, race details, event type, etc. This should save time in setting up SkiPro ready for your competition, and help avoid downstream issues with things like incorrect codex numbers or the wrong race date.

Please do try this out, and let us know how you get on. If there are any elements missing or incorrect we can easily sort them out.

BASS 2017.1 re-published

BASS 2017.1 re-published (Mon 26 Dec 16)

Some issues were reported with the opening BASS list of the season, where some competitors were either missing from the list or had points that were higher than the closing list for 2016. These issues have now been resolved as far as we are aware, and the list republished.

If you discover any further anomalies then please contact straight away. Please note that as the HN offices are now closed for the Christmas holidays it may not be possible to resolve all issues conclusively, but we will endeavour to ensure that everyone competing in the opening races of the season get the seed points and start position that they are due. Some changes may need to be applied retrospectively once we have access to all the information.

Contributing to GBSKI

Contributing to GBSKI (Wed 21 Dec 16)

The 5th edition of the guide to contributing to the online results system is available for download. This includes details about how to set your race up with the right details to ensure smooth transition when you post results, and tips on how to trouble-shoot issues when things don't go quite according to plan.

Latest edition of BCR/BACR published.

Latest edition of BCR/BACR published. (Thu 1 Dec 16)

The December 2016 edition of the British Competition Rules ("BCR") and its equivalent for artificial slope racing ("BACR") have now been published and are available for download from the Rules page.

Each set of rules includes a handy cover page outlining the main changes in this edition. All racers, coaches and officials should familiarise themselves with the changes for the coming season.

GBSKI becomes main source for race-related information

GBSKI becomes main source for race-related information (Tue 29 Nov 16)

As part of the continuing development of IT support for racing, GBSKI will take over from Britski as the official point of publication for all race-related documents. This includes all BARTS and BASS seed lists, all race invitations, bulletins, start lists and results, and the official race calendars. Britski will gradually become an archive site.

Please send any information that you would like to appear online (pretty much anything you would previously expect to appear on Britski) to

Latest British Telemark rules

Latest British Telemark rules (Tue 29 Nov 16)

November 2016 edition of the British Telemark Rules (BTR 1) including changes for the 2016-17 season.

GBR TD Forum Minutes

GBR TD Forum Minutes (Mon 21 Nov 16)

The minutes from the GBR Alpine and Telemark TD Forum meeting held on Sunday November 6th have now been published and are available for download.

Snowsport England unveils race entry system

Snowsport England unveils race entry system (Sat 19 Nov 16)

Snowsport England today unveiled a new online race entry system. This system will be used for all Snowsport England races, and is also available for use by other race organisations. Anyone interested in using the system for their races should contact Tim Fawke or Peter Heath for details.

BSA announced as sponsor for 2017 GBR Series

BSA announced as sponsor for 2017 GBR Series (Fri 11 Nov 16)

The British Ski Academy has today been announced as official sponsors of the GBR Alpine Series, a series of 10 races taking place at indoor and dry slopes in the UK during the spring and summer of 2017. Read the press release.

Outline Alpine calendar 2017 v12

Outline Alpine calendar 2017 v12 (Wed 9 Nov 16)

Latest FIS rules

Latest FIS rules (Wed 26 Oct 16)

The latest updates to FIS rules and associated documents for the 2016/17 season are now available for download from our Rules page.

Age groups for 2016/17 winter races

Age groups for 2016/17 winter races (Wed 12 Oct 16)

Ambition GBR Outdoor Series final results

Ambition GBR Outdoor Series final results (Mon 25 Jul 16)

Final results for the Ambition GBR Outdoor series

Ambition GBR Indoor Series final results

Ambition GBR Indoor Series final results (Mon 25 Jul 16)

Final results for the Ambition GBR Indoor Series

Club National Series after 11 races

Club National Series after 11 races (Sun 3 Jul 16)

Latest rankings and results for the artificial slope Club National Series.

May TD Forum minutes

May TD Forum minutes (Sat 2 Jul 16)

Minutes of the GBR Alpine & Telemark Technical Delegates Forum meeting held on Saturday May 14th 2016.

SSE Dry Slope Ambassador Programme

SSE Dry Slope Ambassador Programme (Fri 17 Jun 16)

Details about the new Snowsport England 'Dry Slope Ambassador' Programme which kicked off this year.

Guide to helmets

Guide to helmets (Tue 19 Apr 16)

Further amplification of the rules about helmets for racing is given in the latest Guide to Helmets document.

Competitor Registrations

Competitor Registrations (Tue 15 Mar 16)

Home Nation registration: English Scottish Welsh

First-year competitor registration for English and Welsh U12 & U10 (year of birth 2004-2007) is FREE.

FIS Alpine registration: To take part in any FIS races (including those organised by GBR) in the 2016/2017 season, you must register with your Home Nation Governing Body as an alpine competitor for 2017 and have a Full or Limited Alpine FIS Licence for the 2016/17 season issued by British Ski and Snowboard (BSS).