Penalty Calculation

English Alpine Championships (GBR) U14/16 Champs SG / Bormio, ITA / 16-Feb-2017 / CHI / SG / MEN

Best 10 at finish

PosBibCodeNamePointsBest 5Race Points
1930923VINTER Owen120.00120.000.00
31220481HUDSON Thomas139.02139.0252.93
42221077LEACH Charlie189.40--
53320353COLLEY James226.55--
6631314MCLEW Christopher171.24--
7421052UPTON Jack170.40--
8120988ROBERTSON Ewan158.43158.4373.87
91431176WYLIE Scott153.53153.5377.87
108320839ROSS Callum---
11730952RANKIN Charles137.18137.1881.86

Best 5 at start

1930923VINTER Owen120.00
11730952RANKIN Charles137.18
31220481HUDSON Thomas139.02
91431176WYLIE Scott153.53
16221517LUNN Jake157.73


(B) List points of best 5 at start707.46
(A) List points of best 5 to finish in top 10708.16
(C) Race points of best 5 to finish in top 10286.53
Calculated penalty (A + B - C) / 10 = 112.91
Correction value (Z)0.00 (Z)
Category adder0.00 (Add)
Calculated penalty112.91 (Calc)
Minimum penalty120.00 (Min)
Applied penalty120.00

GBR8051/2017 on 18:21 on 20-May-2018