Penalty Calculation

Irish Championships Irish Open Championships / Kilternan, Dublin, IRL / 01-Oct-2017 / CHP / SL / MEN

Best 10 at finish

PosBibCodeNamePointsBest 5Race Points
1620683SPEED Craig6.226.220.00
2820262CASE Toby10.4210.4211.97
3941985EVANS Harrison42.29--
41513792KNOWLES Michael30.5730.5736.45
51419420WITTS Callum9.589.5837.54
71018512WITTS Kaigan25.0225.0259.30
8320640FENELEY Jack77.17--
9119048EAVES Jonathan53.69--
101142049JONES Aiden40.67--
11214927DAVIES Peter45.28--

Best 5 at start

1620683SPEED Craig6.22
51419420WITTS Callum9.58
2820262CASE Toby10.42
71018512WITTS Kaigan25.02
41513792KNOWLES Michael30.57


(B) List points of best 5 at start81.81
(A) List points of best 5 to finish in top 1081.81
(C) Race points of best 5 to finish in top 10145.26
Calculated penalty (A + B - C) / 10 = 1.84
Correction value (Z)0.00 (Z)
Category adder0.00 (Add)
Applied penalty1.84

GBR8289/2017 on 23:32 on 24-Mar-2018