Penalty Calculation

Ambition Championships Ambition Champs SL U14 Race 2 / Hinterreit, AUT / 05-Jan-2018 / CHI / SL / LADIES

Best 10 at finish

PosBibCodeNamePointsBest 5Race Points
15822115KAMALY-ASL Anna---
26423225GIBSON Sophie---
35622825BARTLETT Honor---
46022122THOMPSON Niamh---
55321876MARTIN Allegra276.90276.9088.30
65421377VESELY Ophelia315.12315.1290.91
75122200PETERSON Lexie403.32403.3297.30
85524058WAKEFORD Isabella---
96223675JOVANOVICH Rose---
105223626BRYER Lucy563.99563.99239.35

Best 5 at start

55321876MARTIN Allegra276.90
65421377VESELY Ophelia315.12
75122200PETERSON Lexie403.32
105223626BRYER Lucy563.99


(B) List points of best 5 at start1,559.33
(A) List points of best 5 to finish in top 101,559.33
(C) Race points of best 5 to finish in top 10515.86
Calculated penalty (A + B - C) / 8 = 325.35
Correction value (Z)0.00 (Z)
Category adder0.00 (Add)
Calculated penalty325.35 (Calc)
Minimum penalty160.00 (Min)
Applied penalty325.35

GBR9006/2018 on 19:25 on 22-Mar-2018