Penalty Calculation

Artemis Anglo-Scottish Champs Artemis Anglo-Scottish GS U14 Race 1 / Crevacol, ITA / 06-Jan-2018 / CHI / GS / MEN

Best 10 at finish

PosBibCodeNamePointsBest 5Race Points
14924262CARRICK-SMITH Luca---
23521571LAUGHLAND Maximilian219.26219.264.55
35424418BLACK George---
43421709YUNG Adrian241.17241.1728.35
53723894LANCASTER Alex305.61305.6128.77
64223302MORGAN Oscar207.40207.4032.49
74622593WILLIAMS Johnny---
84021197URQUHART Aidan273.24273.2434.98
94723075GUINNESS Rupert---
104423818TEMPLE Frederick---

Best 5 at start

DNF3221666ELLIS Lucas183.04
64223302MORGAN Oscar207.40
23521571LAUGHLAND Maximilian219.26
43421709YUNG Adrian241.17
84021197URQUHART Aidan273.24


(B) List points of best 5 at start1,124.11
(A) List points of best 5 to finish in top 101,246.68
(C) Race points of best 5 to finish in top 10129.14
Calculated penalty (A + B - C) / 10 = 224.17
Correction value (Z)0.00 (Z)
Category adder0.00 (Add)
Calculated penalty224.17 (Calc)
Minimum penalty160.00 (Min)
Applied penalty224.17

GBR8020/2018 on 04:50 on 26-Apr-2018