Penalty Calculation

Scottish Children's Championships U14 Race 1 / Cairngorm, SCO / 11-Mar-2018 / CHI / SL / LADIES

Best 10 at finish

PosBibCodeNamePointsBest 5Race Points
1721727STOKOE Amy327.17327.170.00
2233316LANGMUIR Taylor371.68371.6848.82
3631471SPENCE Madison408.47408.4751.60
41136878ANDREWS Eilidh999.00--
5131436ALLAN Phoebe354.88354.88100.84
6537030TOWNSEND Ffion595.47--
71736925MUNRO Sula999.00--
8336906HALL Molly545.60545.60143.00
91036583TATE Georgia999.00--
101636776SHERLOCK Amy-Primrose999.00--

Best 5 at start

1721727STOKOE Amy327.17
5131436ALLAN Phoebe354.88
2233316LANGMUIR Taylor371.68
DSQ833326HOLMAN Louise382.76
3631471SPENCE Madison408.47


(B) List points of best 5 at start1,844.96
(A) List points of best 5 to finish in top 102,007.80
(C) Race points of best 5 to finish in top 10344.26
Calculated penalty (A + B - C) / 10 = 350.85
Correction value (Z)0.00 (Z)
Category adder0.00 (Add)
Calculated penalty350.85 (Calc)
Minimum penalty160.00 (Min)
Applied penalty350.85

GBR9183/2018 on 08:57 on 21-Apr-2018