Software for Races

The free software from Vola ( is recommended. It is relatively easy to get to grips with, and deals with races from simple two-run slaloms right through to FIS combined events.

SkiPro Downloads

Softski SkiPro 2.27 (usable for most British events)
Vola web site (for latest up-to-date software)
SkiPro V3 differences between free and paid versions

Penalty Calculator

Click here to download Penalty Calculator 2018 (10-Jan-2018)

A program to assist in generating penalty calculations and results printouts in races where there are non-standard competitors. This can help you produce your official results more quickly and accurately in those situations where you need to deal with special cases, such as having an overseas or unregistered competitor in the top group at the finish.

Simply install the software, use the simple controls to direct it to where your races files are stored and which race you wish to process, and you should get a popup window open showing the penalty and the results on two 'tabs' ready for you to print.

File Downloads

Updated file for SkiPro with F values for 2015-16. Right-click and 'save' the file, use it to overwrite the one in your SkiPro installation.

Help and Information

SKIPRO Notes (2.27.8 May 2017), a guide for Race Secretaries and Chief of Calculations. Step-by-step walkthroughs showing you how to carry out the main tasks involved in setting up and running a race using SkiPro and producing results. The current edition covers SkiPro V2.27, and may be expanded to include later versions of software in future editions.

Guide to Online Results (V4, Mar 2018) provides CORs, COTCs and TDs with information about contributing results to the new online results system.

Loading a new seed list into an existing SkiPro event.

Crib sheet for manual timing with SkiPro 2.15 (29-Dec-09)

Connecting Timing Systems to Computers

Important note: if you are contemplating hooking up a timing system to your notebook PC, its worth remembering that many modern notebooks don't have a serial port (a common means of communicating between timing and PC). However, it may well be possible to use a serial-to-USB converter. Keyspan has been mentioned as a reliable unit, although others may also work just as well.